Certified DevOps for Innovation

Learn approaches for continual improvement and accelerated value delivery.

Certified DevOps for Innovation

DevOps is a set of practices and an approach to continuous delivery of value to customers and improved product quality. For product professionals working on digital tools today, DevOps offers techniques and practices to accelerate delivery of value.

This is a foundational DevOps class for Developers, Product Managers, Product Owners, and Leaders. This class teaches the principles and practices of DevOps and how to implement them in your organization to improve product quality, team collaboration, time to market, and customer happiness.

The class is taught by a Certified DevOps trainer with the DevOps Institute with multi-year experience in working with development teams and launching digital products in market.

Certified by Spark Engine.

What you will learn

  • Core concepts of DevOps including the CI/CD pipeline
  • Practice the three ways of DevOps
  • Describe the automation practices
  • Explain how to architect automation
  • Explain the need for psychological safety in building and motivating teams
  • Role of Leadership in DevOps scaling Scrum
  • Explain how DevOps changes organizational design
  • Systems Thinking
  • Feedback Loops
  • Culture of continuous experimentation and learning

I mean, from my standpoint, I think it not only met my expectations, I think it exceeded my expectations for sure.

Deepesh Marfatia

This was a brand new topic for me. I learned a lot of useful tools and techniques that I am already applying to my business. I see it as an efficient way to mitigate risk and increase value to customers each and every time I launch a new product or service.

Ivan Nikitin, CSPO, CPIP

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