Product Innovation Training

Work with experts through experiential and co-active learning to grow as a leader in applied product innovation.

Advanced Product Management Skills

Take your career to the next level


Stand out from the crowd, spark an innovation mindset in any setting, and empower a continuous focus on customers within your organization.

Certified Product Innovation Associate CPIA

Foundational frameworks to grow your product management career

Certified Product Innovation Trainer

Ideate solutions for unmet customer needs with Design Thinking

Certified DevOps for Innovation CDOI

Practices for continuous value and quality delivery with DevOps

Certified Design Thinking for Executives CDTE

Spearhead adoption of Design Thinking with  Executive-level education

Certified Product Innovation Consultant CPIC

Learn how to facilitate innovation workshops 

Private Team Training

We offer private classes worldwide for organizations of all sizes.

Organize a custom class for your team by contacting Spark Engine.

We will adapt some of the contents or exercises to your specific needs.

The optimum size is between eight and 24 people to foster collaboration and group exercises. If you have different needs, let us know, and we will find a way to accommodate your needs.

I took a Product Innovation class by Spark Engine and it was one of the best trainings I ever took because this course not only provides a 3 days training session but also includes 6 weeks of coaching and mentoring while we were working on real life product ideas and projects. This is a must have training for all involved into Product Development, IT etc.!

Ivan Nikitin, CSPO, CPIP

As Vice President for Global Product Management, I work in product management in the fintech and payment space. I signed up for the CPIP class to better hele me understand the problem space, as well as ideate solutions and of course, develop great products to delight my customers. The class incorporated both training and hands-on work with the goal of developing a real-life product idea, which is really, really cool. I really enjoy learning about multiple framework that can be utilized to ensure that I am building the right product and solution for my customers. I would definitely recommend the CPIP class.

William De Guia, CSPO, CPIP

I think the format was really unique in the sense that not only you have initial theoretical aspects to it, but also you actually take your product concept into practice. I’ve taken other product strategy courses and to me, that was a very unique element, especially working with a very talented cohort group. You have people coming in from different disciplines, they bring their own unique perspectives to the course. And then being able to extend that knowledge and experience by way of the six-week course, along with personal coaching, which is really unheard of, is a very unique aspect of the course.

Deepesh Marfatia, CSPO, CSM, CPIP

Well organized and executed, focused training followed by coaching as you follow your own journey to innovation. I learned how to really understand the problem before jumping into solutioning, gain insights from my customers, define the real value and vision, and craft a product journey and go to market strategy to deliver and validate outcomes. I am already applying the frameworks and seeing results in everyday situations.

Corinne Acheson, CPIP

I’ve participated in funded entrepreneurship accelerators, numerous courses about product development, been a regional contestant in the NSF I-Corps program, and served as the director of an incubator ( and all that qualifies me to say that the CPIP was an amazing experience. Valerio and Zeina have synthesized decades of product development experience into a 6 week boot camp that is unlike anything you will find elsewhere.

I learned ways of falling in love with the problem space to identify zones of deep value for our customers, how little is actually necessary for an MVP, and how to prioritize the highest value features and then test our assumptions with accurate metrics.

Jacques Marais, CPIP

Learn by Doing

Spark Engine programs in Product Management and Innovation expand upon the knowledge and experiences professionals bring to class.

Learn an innovation mindset to build awesome digital, physical, and service products.

Courses offer both training and coaching while working on a real product

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