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The Spark Engine Certified Product Innovation Professional (CPIP) learning program offers product leaders, product owners, and innovation professionals an opportunity to demonstrate an advanced understanding of key practices and mindsets related to product innovation and development.

The 6-week CPIP program is a master in product management and innovation. This training program starts with classroom training and continues with hands-on experience in product development. You’ll learn by doing, and in the process you’ll build considerable expertise in building a real product.

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Earn a CPIP certification

The Spark Engine CPIP training program is an interactive learning experience full of practical, real-world techniques and hands-on exercises. Learn in-depth techniques and frameworks that spark product innovation and bring new and impactful ideas to life at any stage. You’ll learn by doing, while working on an actual product for six weeks with coaching from our instructors. 

 Regardless of one’s career stage, certification as a CPIP is a valuable professional asset that distinguishes you as having the knowledge and ability to drive focused and purposeful innovation projects inside a business enterprise.

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Learn to master product management and innovation with the Spark Engine training program and earn a Certified Product Innovation Professional (CPIP) certification. Offering both an engaging learning opportunity and hands-on experience, this training program will teach you how to build great products from discovery to delivery, spark innovation, and grow your career in the product space.

In this highly participatory and hands-on class, students learn the theories and practices that drive product innovation and development, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager
  • The 5 Dimensions of Innovation
  • Problem space and the 3 Problem Levels
  • Customer discovery and insight mining
  • Business evaluation, market sizing
  • Ideation techniques and creative prompts
  • Effectively manage transition from problem space to solution space for Problem-Solution fit
  • The product vision and the Product Vision Canvas
  • The Zones of Value framework
  • Experimentation and validation of ideas with the Assumptions Stack
  • Using the MVP Canvas to identify the core hypothesis
  • Product Journey mapping to plan the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Metrics, measuring outcomes, driving business results
  • Got to Market, market segmentation, and validation
  • Identify risks and the Risk Card framework
  • Problem-Solution fit versus Product-Market fit
  • Repeatable process to go from idea to a plan for MVP ready for development

We believe that real learning comes in three ways: a great training program, shared experiences with other participants, and hands-on practice. This is why we deliver this program with real instructors, so that you can take full advantage of a rich and deep learning experience.

For a six-week period, you’ll work on an actual product from Discovery through Delivery. Our instructors will provide hands-on coaching, guiding you through each step while you build your product. The hands-on practice of the program is divided in six modules, one per week:

  • Week 1: Customer identification and interview preparation
  • Week 2: Customer discovery, interviews, and sense-making
  • Week 3: Ideation, Product Vision, Zones of Value, and rapid prototyping
  • Week 4: Product vision, business model definition, MVP definition
  • Week 5: Product journey map and prioritization
  • Week 6: Roadmapping, metrics, outcome validation

The program is designed to give you a repeatable process to go from idea to a plan for MVP ready for development. Whether you are starting a new product, are looking for ways to grow an existing one, or are seeking new experience to grow in your Product Management career, the 6-week CPIP program gives you the hands-on and practical experience to execute the work of a Product Manager with confidence.


We are committed to you learning and developing a career in product management. Participants in a Spark Engine program also get follow-up coaching support on how to apply the learnings to their real-life projects and jobs. This is offered via our Slack community channel, via email, and conf-calls for 6 months after the class. 

CPIP Certification

Upon completion of the entire 6-week program, participants earn the coveted Certified Product Innovation Professional (CPIP) certification.  The CPIP certification affirms the individual’s proficiency at key, foundational product innovation methods and tools, including: customer discovery & insights mining, human-centered design and Design Thinking, Agile and Lean Startup mindsets, prioritization and planning methods, product development practices, hypotheses-driven MVPs, metrics and delivery practices, and innovation frameworks.

The Spark Engine program is designed to be highly experiential as we believe that real learning comes from experience, not from passive studying of concepts.

Weeks hands-on practice
Product innovation frameworks
Different ways to apply what you learn


Become a kick*ss product manager

Best practices

Learn best practices to drive product innovation and development for your product, with your team, and within your organization.

Hands-on practice

Immediately apply practices and mindset through real-life examples, case studies, and hands-on exercises on real projects.


Stand out from the crowd of innovation so-so experts with a Spark Engine certification. You earn it upon completion of the CPIP program.

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Who should apply?

Our goal is to empower you in becoming an effective product management professional through hands-on practice and experiential learning of advanced techniques for product management and innovation. The Spark Engine programs develops both the expertise and the mindset for those in product-related roles in their organization. 

People that benefit the most from this program are Business Analysts and Project Managers who are transitioning into a product role, existing Product Owners and Product Managers who want to deepen their knowledge and grow in their career, Product Executives who are looking for new ideas to lead their teams, and Entrepreneurs who are launching new products.

The  program is agnostic of specific Agile frameworks, and its focus is therefore not so much on Agile practices, but rather on key drivers of innovation such as human-centered design, team empowerment, and continuous discovery and delivery. Our core framework is based on the Five Dimensions of Product Innovation.

The Spark Engine program at-a-glance

Product management training with a focus on innovation and impact. What makes Spark Engine different is the real-life experience you get by working on a real product together with a product innovation coach that guides you through the process step-by-step for six week. You develop unique perspective and deep expertise in product management and in your ability to spark innovation within your team and organization.

Well-balanced program that focuses on both practices and mindsets

Agile, Design Thinking, Lean, team empowerment to drive innovation

Skills and expertise to apply to your job, not just empty theories

Drive results and bring change in your organization

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