Certified Product Innovation Professional

Product mastery with experiential learning and 1-on-1 coaching

Certified Product Innovation Professional CPIP

Certified Product Innovation Professional

This six-week, hands-on training experience leaves participants empowered with the knowledge and the experience necessary to master product management and drive innovation within their teams. The class comprises three training modules followed by six weeks of hands-on work on a product idea, with coaching.

During the program, the participants work on a product problem or idea and develop it over six weeks. They go from discovery to a full plan to launch an MVP in market during the program. Typically, they do this in teams to accelerate the learning and divide the work.

The class is taught by Certified Product Innovation Trainers (CPIT) with multi-year experience in managing product teams and delivering successful products in the market.

Certified by Spark Engine.

What you will learn

  • Roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager
  • The 5 Dimensions of Innovation
  • Problem space and the 3 Problem Levels
  • Customer discovery and insight mining
  • Business evaluation and market sizing
  • Ideation techniques and creative prompts
  • Effective transition management from problem space to solution space for Problem-Solution Fit
  • The product vision and the Product Vision Canvas
  • Identify Zones of Value to grow your product
  • Experimentation and validation of ideas with the Assumptions Stack
  • Using the MVP Canvas to identify the core hypothesis
  • Product Journey mapping to plan the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Metrics, measuring outcomes, driving business results
  • Got to Market, market segmentation, and validation
  • Identify and track risks with Risk Cards
  • Problem-Solution fit versus Product-Market fit
  • Repeatable process to go from idea to a plan for MVP ready for development

What is a Product Innovation Professional?

Those with a CPIP indicate a thorough understanding of strategic and tactical concepts in product management/product ownership with a focus on key principles of product innovation, human centered design, and agility. 

Someone who is an expert in adaptive innovation planning at any point in the product life cycle.

What do you get?

Earn a professional certificate in product innovation. Learn essential skills and strategies for driving innovation, building innovative products, and managing product teams.

Discover how innovative product managers launch new ideas through organizational uncertainty. Develop ability to create, manage, and update plans.

Inspire and grow – Product Owners become innovation managers in any company, product leaders learn new strategic and practical approaches  for managing products, technology, and innovation.

For Product & Innovation Managers

who need tools, frameworks, and hands-on experience launching products through organizational uncertainty to gain confidence and credibility  among peers and leaders.

For Product Owners

who seek to develop skills beyond CSPO and learn how effectively lead product strategy, develop vision,  establish metrics,  running experiments, and plan releases.

For Product Leaders

who need to foster competencies across their product teams that span customer discovery, product planning, engineering, business, marketing, and outcome-based metrics.

I took a Product Innovation class by Spark Engine and it was one of the best trainings I ever took because this course not only provides a 3 days training session but also includes 6 weeks of coaching and mentoring while we were working on real life product ideas and projets. This is a must have training for all involved into Product Development, IT etc.!

Ivan Nikitin, CSPO, CPIP

As Vice President for Global Product Management, I work in product management in the fintech and payment space. I signed up for the CPIP class to better understand the problem space, as well as ideate solutions to delight my customers. The class incorporated both training and hands-on work with the goal of developing a real-life product idea, which is really, really cool. I enjoyed learning about multiple framework that can be utilized to ensure that I am building the right product and solution for my customers. I would definitely recommend the CPIP class.

William De Guia, CSPO, CPIP

I think the format was really unique in the sense that not only you have initial theoretical aspects to it, but also you actually take your product concept into practice. Compared to other product strategy courses I have taken, that was a very unique element, especially working with a very talented cohort group. You have people coming in from different disciplines, they bring their own unique perspectives to the course. And then being able to extend that knowledge and experience by way of personal coaching, which is really unheard of, is a very unique aspect of the course.

Deepesh Marfatia, CSPO, CSM, CPIP

I’ve participated in funded entrepreneurship accelerators, numerous courses about product development, been a regional contestant in the NSF I-Corps program, and served as the director of an incubator (Startupshell.org) and all that qualifies me to say that the CPIP was an amazing experience. Valerio and Zeina have synthesized decades of product development experience into a 6 week boot camp that is unlike anything you will find elsewhere.

I learned ways of falling in love with the problem space to identify zones of value for our customers, how little is actually necessary for an MVP, and how to prioritize the highest value features and then test our assumptions with accurate metrics.

Jacques Marais, CPIP

Learn by doing

Our Product Management and Innovation programs give professionals the knowledge and experience to build awesome products – whether digital products, physical, or services.

Learn how to create new products and drive innovation with six weeks of one on one coaching.

Courses offer both training and coaching while working on a real product.

Product Mastery

Six training modules to learn practical and advanced techniques to ideate, validate, and bring to market new products. Learn how to master product management and innovation.

The class is taught by Certified Product Innovation Trainers (CPIT) with multi-year experience in managing product teams and delivering successful products in the market.


Product Coaching

Six weeks of hands-on practice on a real product idea with one-on-one coaching to help apply advanced product practices to a real work environment.

Participants work part-time (four to six hours per week) on the project and on deliverables. They get coaching from the instructors every week in one-on-one or team settings. This helps to keep the program on track, move forward with the work, and improve where necessary.

Our promise

We believe that real learning comes in three ways:  a great training program, shared experiences with other participants, and hands-on practice. This is why we deliver this class with six live training sessions followed by six weeks of on-the-job application and coaching, so that you can take full advantage of a rich and deep learning experience.

Making it real – Participants leave the program with real-life experience in product management, with a workable plan for an actual product idea, and with an opportunity to accelerate their idea into a product launch in the real world.

Still undecided?

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