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Bring the Spark Engine training to your team and supercharge your product innovation activities

Product innovation training for teams

We offer private classes worldwide for organizations of all sizes

Product Team training

Whole team training

Organize a private class for your team and learn advanced practices for Product Management, Product Innovation, and Design Thinking. Supercharge your product development activities and instill a product thinking mindset in your team.

The optimum size is between 8 and 24 people to foster collaboration and group exercises. For larger teams, we recommend multiple cohorts. 

  • The virtual delivery option is ideal for geographically distributed teams. 
  • The in-person option can be scheduled on-premise or other suitable location. 
  • For programs that include a coaching component, the sessions are delivered remotely via Zoom. 


Certified Product Innovation Professional CPIP
Certified Product Innovation Professional
Certified Product Innovation Associate CPIA
Certified Product Innovation Associate
Certified Design Thinking for Innovation
Certified Design Thinking for Innovation 

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