Spark Product Innovation

Develop unique skills to help you spark, develop and execute ideas in any context.
Learn new ways of creating value by solving meaningful problems.

Innovation Execution Engine

Spark Engine is an immersive product innovation training program to help you drive change and innovate consistently in any organization

Product innovation training

From product management core practices to innovation frameworks, agile concepts, and design thinking, the Spark Engine product management training and certification program is designed to give you the deep foundational learning to be an effective product innovator.

Hands-on experience

Our expert trainers bring real-life experience to every class. They are Heads of Product, Product Managers, and Product Owners in a variety of industries. Through hands-on exercises, they help you learn and apply the concepts to your own product challenges.


The Spark Engine(tm) certification attests your knowledge and expertise in product management and innovation practices.

Get certified

Earn a Spark Engine Product Innovator certification and demonstrate your expertise in driving product innovation within your organization

Our work

We work with Fortune 500 companies worldwide for in-house dedicated programs in product management and innovation

For individuals

Grow professionally, learn new techniques, become a kick*ss Product Manager

For teams

You are starting a new product or are struggling with an ongoing project and seek a way to get on the right path and accelerate delivery

For organizations

You want a proven system, a repeatable process that your product teams can apply to every project they endeavor

Hear what they say

Testimonials from some of our recent students

“It helped me increase focus on things that I was overlooking during everyday product management. Also some amazing new techniques to tackle inherent everyday problems and provide a fresh perspective and outlook on PM.”

“The Product Innovation Professional course was fun and engaging and you walk away with a toolbox full of best practices that can be instantly applied to improve almost any kind of work. Valerio and Zeina are knowledgeable and approachable and I would recommend this course to anyone looking to create great products.”

“If you are looking for a comprehensive framework that will guide you through the innovation process this is it. Great tools, industry informed instruction, and useful documentation you can put to use immediately.”

“This was a brand new topic for me. I learned a lot of useful tools and techniques that I am already applying to my business. I see it as an efficient way to mitigate risk and increase value to customers each and every time I launch a new product or service. Thanks”