Product Patterns are repeatable structures that allow product managers to solve problems, drive innovation, and create new products. At the core of the Product Patterns are the 5 Dimensions of Innovation. The 5 Dimensions provide a reference framework for activities and tools that have proven useful for product innovation.

The Product Patterns identify structures that define sets of tools or activities to use across the 5 Dimensions. Product people can follow this patterns and address challenges in their product development journey.

The Product Patterns are a Spark Engine framework and are a key component of our programs. Join a CPIP or a CPIA program to learn more. We use it as a foundational framework for our consulting engagements, to help our clients drive innovation and build great products. For consulting, contact us.

The Product Patterns map activities from the 5 Dimensions of Product Innovation. The “big wheel” shown below presents examples of activities across the 5 Dimensions.

For consulting, contact us.