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Our courses teach you the mindset of effective Product Management, transform you into a Product Innovator, and spark innovation within your team.

Spark Engine CPIP

Certified Product Innovation Professional

Learn Product Management while working hands-on on a real product idea. The Spark Engine CPIP is a 6 week program divided between training and hands-on work on a product idea. It’s designed to develop a deep understanding of key practices and frameworks for product management and innovation. 

Programs start every 6-8 weeks. 

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Who should apply?

Our goal is to empower you in becoming an effective product management professional through hands-on practice and experiential learning of advanced techniques for product management and innovation. The Spark Engine programs develops both the expertise and the mindset for those in product-related roles in their organization. People that benefit the most from this program are Business Analysts and Project Managers who are transitioning into a product role, existing Product Owners and Product Managers who want to deepen their knowledge and grow in their career, Product Executives who are looking for new ideas to lead their teams, and Entrepreneurs who are launching new products.

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Interested in a class for your team?

Our trainers organize private classes around the world for organizations of all sizes. If you are interested in learning more about our classes and would like to organize one for your team, please contact us. We may be able to adapt some of the contents or exercises to your specific needs.

The optimum size is between 8 and 16 people to foster collaboration and focus. This applies to a whole team of Product Owners or Business Analysts who want to grow together and deepen their expertise.