Certified Product Innovation Associate - CPIA

Spark Engine CPIA

The Certified Product Innovation Associate (CPIA) credential offers product managers, and product owners, and innovation professionals an opportunity to demonstrate a core understanding of key practices and mindsets related to product innovation and development.

Earn a CPIA certification

The Certified Product Innovation Associate certification is earned by those that complete the training program of the CPIP course or individual training workshops on Beyond User Stories, Prioritization Techniques, or Product Journey Mapping.

Upon completion of the training program and all the exercises, the participants earn a CPIA certification.


Each of the CPIA workshops is a highly participatory and hands-on class experience where participants learn a specific practice that drives product innovation and development, including:

  • Beyond User Stories
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Product journey mapping

We believe that real learning comes in three ways: a great training program, shared experiences with other participants, and hands-on practice. This is why we deliver this class with a live trainer, so that you can take full advantage of a rich and deep learning experience.


At the end of the training workshop, upon successful completion of all exercises, participants earn a Certified Product Innovation Associate (CPIA) certification focused on the key practice learned in the workshop. This certification validates their participation to the class and the learning of foundational practices and mindset.

There is no exam. The class is designed to be highly experiential as we believe that real learning comes from experience, not from passive studying of concepts. However, students are required to complete the workshop and actively participate in all exercises in order to earn the CPIA certification.


Become a kick*ss product manager

Best practices

Learn best practices to drive product innovation and development for your product, with your team, and within your organization.

Hands-on practice

Immediately apply practices and mindset through real-life examples, case studies, and hands-on exercises on real projects.


Stand out from the crowd of innovation so-so experts with a Spark Engine certification. You earn it upon completion of the CPIA class.

The Spark Engine program at-a-glance

Well-balanced program that focuses on both practices and mindsets

Agile, Design Thinking, Lean, team empowerment to drive innovation

Skills and expertise to apply to your job, not just empty theories

Drive results and bring change in your organization

Who should apply?

The CPIA program develops expertise and mindset for those seeking roles that drive product development and innovation within an organization, such as:

  • Product managers, product owners, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their expertise in product innovation and in specific practices that generate and execute new breakthrough ideas for their organization.
  • Certified Scrum Product Owners (CSPOs) that are seeking to develop further expertise in specific product management practices to drive innovation within their organization.