Certificates in Product Innovation

With a Spark Engine certification and training program, you develop expertise in foundational product innovation practices through experiential and co-active learning. Work with experts across various industries to grow as a leader in applied product innovation. Use this program to stand out from the crowd, spark an innovation mindset in any setting, and empower your organization to stay focused on the your customers continuously.

Certified Product Innovation Professional

Spark Engine CPIP

The Spark Engine Certified Product Innovation Professional (CPIP) certification attests the deep understanding of practices and frameworks that drive product management and innovation in any industry. Product managers, product owners, and innovation professionals earn a CPIP certification upon completion of a Spark Engine training program.

The Spark Engine training course is a 3-day intensive class experience, followed by 6 weeks of hands-on application with Spark Engine coaches helping you deliver on tangible product innovation ideas. You earn a CPIP certification upon completion of the full program.

Certified Design Thinking for Innovation

Spark Engine CDTI

The Spark Engine Certified Design Thinking for Innovation (CDTI) credential attests product managers, designers, and innovation professionals an opportunity to learn Design Thinking and demonstrate an advanced understanding of key practices and mindsets related to product innovation.

This is a 2-day or 3-day immersive class experience with hands-on application of the principles to real-life projects. You earn a CDTI certification upon completion of the full program.

Certified Product Innovation Associate

Spark Engine CPIA

The Spark Engine Certified Product Innovation Associate (CPIA) credential attests the mastering of specific product management techniques and practices. This certification is perfectly suited for those that want to dive deeper in individual practices and are interested in jump-starting their career in product management. A Certified Product Innovation Associate certification is earned by those that complete individual training workshops on User Story Writing & Splitting, Product Journey Mapping, or Collaborative Roadmapping. 


Well-balanced program that focuses on both practices and mindsets

Agile, Design Thinking, Lean, team empowerment to drive innovation

Skills and expertise to apply to your job, not just empty theories

Drive results and bring change in your organization

Who should apply?

The Spark Engine certifications and training programs expand expertise and mindset for those in roles responsible for driving innovation and product development within their organization: product managers, product owners, product leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Read about the Certified Product Innovation Professional certification.

Certified Product Innovation Trainer CPIT

Spark Engine CPIT

The Certified Product Innovation Trainer (CPIT) certification is the highest level of certification provided by Spark Engine. The CPIT certification recognizes individuals who demonstrate superior knowledge, competency, and in-depth field experience in driving product innovation and development in enterprise environments. The CPITs are the only trainers certified to deliver Spark Engine programs.

Interested in a class for your team?

Our trainers organize private classes around the world for organizations of all sizes. If you are interested in learning more about our classes and would like to organize one for your team, please contact us. We may be able to adapt some of the contents or exercises to your specific needs.

The optimum size is between 8 and 24 people to foster collaboration and group exercises. If you have a different need let us know and we will find a way to accommodate your needs.