Not your usual Product Management training

The Certified Product Innovation Professional (CPIP) program helps product managers master innovation frameworks, communicate with purpose with stakeholders, and grow their career. This Product Management training program helps you develop the confidence to grow in your role with hands-on practice and coaching from our trainers.

Grow your Product Management skills with Spark Engine

The Spark Engine training program in Product Management and Innovation gives you the knowledge and the practical experience to grow your skillset and position yourself for a career growth.

Product Owners, Product Managers, and Product Directors take our training courses to learn new frameworks, develop important Product Management skills, and practice in a real-life scenario.

Ready to become a master in Product Management and Innovation?

Build more innovative products with Spark Engine

Our students went from idea to plan in the span of the program, discovering new ways to connect with their customers, ideate new products, and drive solutions to market.


Folks would benefit would be any product professional, product manager, product owner and someone who is looking to add to his or her toolbelt, and make sure that they are bringing innovative products to their customers.

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