Learn How to Make Product Decisions that Fuel Innovation

Master product management with a focus on innovation and impact.

Gain real life product experience and grow your career with 1:1 product coaching

Learn by doing

This is not your traditional training program! It is hands on, it’s collaborative, it’s personal…

Spark Engine programs in Product Management and Innovation give you both the knowledge and the experience to develop and launch impactful products – whether they are digital, physical, or services. Learn non linear, process-agnostic frameworks that help you develop new ideas, evolve existing products and drive innovation in companies of any size.

CPIP: 3 days of collaborative learning + 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching while working on a real problem.

Want to learn new product management practices?

Product management is one of the fastest-growing roles in businesses of all sizes. 

Whether you are new to product, or want to hone your skills and take yourself to the next level, we provide collaborative, experiential learning, and expert guidance on creating impactful, innovative products at any stage. 

Want to lead with an innovation mindset?

Innovation comes from a deep understanding of customer needs and the discovery of unmet opportunities, combined with new ways of thinking.

We give you the tools and frameworks to reimagine and reframe problems, create new perspectives, and ask questions that drive innovation. 

Want to grow in your product career?

Demonstrate expert knowledge of product management practices and frameworks with a Spark Engine certification.

The certification attests not only knowledge but also experience in driving execution of new products from idea to launch.

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Download the CPIP student guide  to learn more about the Certified Product Innovation Professional program (CPIP), or submit your application to see if this is a good fit for you and your needs.

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Spark Engine CPIP

We do it differently

Learn by doing

All programs are experiential by design. Through hands on experience and 1:1 coaching, we help you develop your product management skills with innovation frameworks and strategic design. This specialization will help you drive impact and develop products with purpose at any organization.

Expert guidance

Our expert trainers bring real-life experience to every class. They are Heads of Product, Innovation Strategists, and Design Leaders in a variety of industries. Through hands-on exercises, they help you learn and apply innovation concepts to your own product challenges with a focus on making a meaningful impact.

Get certified

The Spark Engine certification attests your knowledge and expertise in product management and innovation practices. Spark Engine programs are designed to give you experience and deep foundational learning to be an effective product innovator.

Who are we for?

We offer public classes for individuals looking to deepen their product expertise and infuse innovation practices in their everyday work. We also work with organizations worldwide implementing custom programs in product management and innovation

For individuals

Differentiate yourself, grow professionally, learn new product innovation techniques, become the person who continuously delivers impactful experiences


For teams

Maybe you are launching a new product or struggling with an in-market product and need a way to adjust course and accelerate delivery

For organizations

You want every team to be an innovation team. You want to accelerate innovation, promote creativity and empower teams with a proven system that can apply to any project 

What are students saying?

Testimonials from some of our students

“It helped me increase focus on things that I was overlooking during everyday product management. Also some amazing new techniques to tackle inherent everyday problems and provide a fresh perspective and outlook on PM.”

“The Product Innovation Professional course was fun and engaging and you walk away with a toolbox full of best practices that can be instantly applied to improve almost any kind of work. Valerio and Zeina are knowledgeable and approachable and I would recommend this course to anyone looking to create great products.”

“If you are looking for a comprehensive framework that will guide you through the innovation process this is it. Great tools, industry informed instruction, and useful documentation you can put to use immediately.”

“This was a brand new topic for me. I learned a lot of useful tools and techniques that I am already applying to my business. I see it as an efficient way to mitigate risk and increase value to customers each and every time I launch a new product or service. Thanks”

Become a Certified Product Innovation Professional

The CPIP (Certified Product Innovation Professional) program is a 6-week master in product management and innovation. 

You develop the expertise to ideate, validate, and build new products while working on a real product idea. Our expert trainers and coaches work with you for the duration of the program to support your development and growth.

Certified Product Innovation Professional banner

Are you a trainer?

Do you have a passion for sharing your product expertise and help others learn product management techniques? Become a Certified Product Innovation Trainer (CPIT) and deliver Spark Engine programs.

The CPIT is the highest level of certification with Spark Engine and it recognizes those that have industry experience in building and launching new products, and a commitment to share their expertise with others to further their growth.

Spark Engine CPIT